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  • Agrocarb-FL


Agrocarb-FL® is a high quality, natural agricultural lime product used to condition and enrich agricultural soils. Produced in a mining operation in central Vermont, Agrocarb-FL is created from processing natural marble ore into Ground Calcium Carbonate which is further processed into a fine textured liming agent with a median particle size of 20 microns. This unique fine texture allows Agrocarb-FL to quickly react in soil and serve as a valuable substitute for commercial agricultural lime.


Agrocarb-FL also improves the efficiency of high-cost fertilizers and contributes to better soil structure with the addition of calcium. Independent lab testing has confirmed that Agrocarb-FL’s unique properties including an effective neutralizing value of 54.1%, solids content of 88.8% and a median particle size of 20 microns, allow it to perform equally well as commercial ag lime in raising soil pH in the first few months after application.

Best Practices:

Agriculture: An application of 1.0 tons/acre of Agrocarb-FL is approximately equivalent to the liming value of one ton of commercial lime.Actual application rate should be based on soil analyses and crop(s) to be grown.

Approved for use in: CT, MA, NH, NY, VT