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Beautiful Landscapes Start with earthlife®

The Professional's Choice

Our extensive range of over 40 earthlife products provide high quality, affordable results to the landscape, horticultural, agricultural, and other specialized industries.

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We trace our roots back to the farming community. Since 1983, we've offered liming agents, fertilizer alternatives, and other soil amendments to farmers to nourish the soil their crops - and livelihood - grow in. We're here to help you decide which of our many products are best suited for your fields, and your budget.

Featured Products
Engineered Soil

Engineered Soil

We offer a number of products designed to act as topsoil and cover large areas of land - such as landfills, spent gravel pits, highway side slopes, converted farm fields, and old industrial sites and Brownfields. We custom blend our products to specifically address the needs of each site, and have spectacular performance results.

Fertilizer Bag

Landscape, Turf & Horticulture

We offer a complete line of bulk composts, mulches and custom blends for specific landscape and horticultural applications (erosion control, container growing). Our customers include landscapers, garden centers, nurseries, golf courses, turf & sports fields, government, and contractors.

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Approved Organic

Our specialty products can help to remediate soil, mitigate air emissions and odors, manage run-off and restore wetlands. For each application, we employ products with very high levels of efficacy often using microbial action associated with the breakdown of organic matter. Microbes are nature's inherent cleansers: effective, natural and safe.

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